David Carson

David Carson, art director of Ray Gun magazine, owner and founder of the design firm David Carson Design and guest speaker for PSU’s 2013 Design Week Portland, is iconized for his work in magazines, TV commercials, graphic design, and typography. He has a long list of worldwide awards and his clients include Armani, Eddie Bauer, and even President Obama! Has the design books Trek: David Carson, Recent Werk and co-authored The End of Print. He is currently writing a book called The Rules of Graphic Design too.

Carson describes his work as “hands-on.” He advises design students to “do what you love” and suggests that success will stem from knowing your audience and a “trust[ing] your gut, your instincts, and intuition.” Carson admittedly says that his work is highly influenced by his experiences in Switzerland, his environment, and his long-time passion for surfing. He photographs the things around him and seeks inspiration in shapes and colors. He encourages artists to likewise put their background, life experiences, and upbringing into their work and especially aim to “communicate and reinforce visually what is written or spoken, and [discover] how you can stand out from the competition …”








** For ART224, Portland State University, Spring Term, 2014